The question often arises “Which is better a swimming pool safety fence or a pool safety net?”  The answer is “Both”.  While each will do the ultimate job of protecting children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool, they both have their place.


pool-safety-net-over-water-featuresA quality pool safety net, such as Arizona Safety Fence Safety Nets, offer safety while maintaining an unobstructed view of the pool, yard, pond or water feature.  A pool safety net also takes up less space in the backyard.  A quality safety pool nets are designed with squares too small for a toddler to get their head between.  They are attached with recessed, flush mounted anchors and usually take 3 – 5 minutes to remove.  Pool safety nets should also have UV inhibitors to prevent shrinkage and deterioration.  The safety nets can also be customized for any shape pool or water feature.  While they have to be removed and put back after each use, they do provide continual protection a fence may not, such as a gate being left open or a child climbing over a fence.


Black-Safety-FencePool safety fences can be permanently installed or removable and can be made of chain link, wrought iron or mesh.  Mesh fences are the only ones that can be removable.  A mesh pool safety fence, such as Arizona Safety Fence, are less expensive than a nice powder coated wrought iron fence.  Additionally, the mesh is completely see though, preserving the views from the inside out and, more importantly, makes it easy to monitor the pool from the outside.


Some of the other benefits of  a mesh fences include easy removal and storage by an adult, can be fitted to unique shapes and are available in an assortment of colors.


As we have discussed, both a pool safety net and a pool safety fence provide a superior level of protection.  Choose the one that’s right for you.  One final word of advise – whichever you choose, have them professionally installed to insure long lasting protection.


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