If you have a swimming pool, having a safety barrier around that pool is a must.  Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 15.  More than half of those occur in a backyard swimming pool or spa.  Most of the incidents happen while the child’s supervisor assumed the child was safely indoors.


3 foot dog fenceThe debate over a permanent pool fence vs a removable mesh fence has proponents lining up on both sides.  Permanent fences such as wrought iron and chain link eliminate the hazard of “forgetting” to put the fence back in place after removal.  But the materials themselves can give a false security.  Because of the rigidity of the material, these fences can be climbed by an active child.  They also take up space in a backyard.


A removable pool safety fence offers the same protection as it’s permanent cousin, but with some added flexibility.  High quality mesh pool safety fencing, like Arizona Safety Fence of Tucson offers, can be installed and left in place permanently.  However, should you have an occasion where no children are around and you want access to the pool to be open, the pool safety fencing can be removed in a matter of a few minutes, rolled up and stored out of sight.  Once the event is over, simply roll out the fencing and reinstall it.


Another advantage of removable fencing – should your needs change or you need to reconfigure your fencing, it could be as simple as drilling new holes to accommodate the new setup.  Removable pool safety fencing can also be used for pets as well as children and can even enclose stairways, columns or other openings.


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