With drowning as the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 15, securing your pool is a must.  A child can drown in less time than it takes to turn your back and speak to someone.


While the type of fence you choose to protect your swimming pool is important, a gate that is left open or easily opened can easily negate that.  Something as simple as debris in the gate, a rusty latch or hinge, or a gate out of alignment can cause it to not close securely.


Self Closing Self Latching GateEven the installation of the gate can make a huge difference in it’s security.  A gate that is installed to open inward, toward the pool, can make it easier for a toddler to access the pool area.  At Pool Guard, we install all our patent pending Walk-Thru Easy Access, Self Closing, Self Latching Baby Gate.  This gate can be key lockable for added protection.  The lock is installed on the inside of the gate, out of children’s reach.  Our gates are installed to open outward, so even the ingenious child that can put something in front of the gate to climb on, won’t be able to open the gate.


Gates installed in a fence are reliant on tension from the fence itself to maintain the adjustment and proper closing and latching.  If you have gate such as this, periodically check to make sure it is properly aligned and the latch is completely catching.  At Pool Guard our gate system is build within it’s on framing system.  It is designed to stay within adjustment for better protection.


Make sure your pool safety gate is a secure as your fence.  Pool Safety Fence of Tucson are dedicated to providing the best swimming pool safety barriers in Tucson and southern Arizona.

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